Website Maintenance

HP Designs gives you complete peace of mind by offering a comprehensive website maintenance service affordable and have fast project turnaround times. Your web site is a low-cost, electronic customer service representative which must appear informed & up-to-the-minute so that your customers can be the informed, strategic partners that you desire.

HP Designs offers helpful Website maintenance services that are sure to keep your website on the right track and best optimized for search engines. Under web maintenance, We detect and repair broken links, graphics, restructure navigation. anything your previous development company didn't accurately finish. Search engines accept websites that are neatly finished and comprise appropriate keywords matching the content.

Once your site is online, it will inevitably need to be updated to keep your content fresh. Sometimes it's a simple change, like changing a date, or adding an event or you may want to add a new section or functionality to your site involving site-wide modification. will take care of the day-to-day website maintenance and website managements tasks, leaving you to more important tasks - like running your business the way only you know how?

Our professional Website Maintenance service delivers :
1) Modification and Addition of Website Content
2) Image Manipulation and Addition (client supplied images)
3) Shopping cart Product updates
4) Replace images i.e. pictures & graphics
5) Adding/removing pages
6) PDF creation and uploading

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